Welcome to the EXCELSIOR Adults page! This page is devoted to items of specific interest to the Adult community. 

Club Directors and Club Administrators are encouraged to review their information in SportsEngine to make sure everything is accurate and up-to-date (contact information, active teams, team representatives, etc.). Having correct data assists us in communication, planning events, and guiding prospective members to participation opportunities. 

If you cannot find the information you are in search of, or if you have questions or concerns regarding the EXCELSIOR Adult population, please contact us! 

Adult FAQs

What are the costs to become an XL Empire Member? 

  • As an adult, you need to acquire both an Excelsior Empire (XL) Membership and a USA Volleyball (USAV) Membership to play in affiliated adult tournaments. These memberships must be renewed annually and can be acquired online.
    • XLRVA – $10.00 *** need to be updated next to membership link on webpage
    • USAV – $25.00 *** need to be updated next to membership link on webpage

How do I sign up for an XL Empire Adult Membership?

  • Memberships are purchased via sportsengine, there are two membership packages available to choose from

I am already a USA Volleyball Member, do I need to pay again to be an XL Empire Member?

  • Nope! If you have already obtained a USAV membership, you only need to acquire an XL membership to play in affiliated tournaments. To do this, follow the same links above, being sure to uncheck the “USAV” membership cost before checkout.

Do I still need to pay to play, even if I have the required memberships? 

  • Yes, most XL affiliated tournaments still require a registration fee. This money, just like with any other tournament, is put toward prizes or may be used for fundraising depending on the tournament hosts. 
  • Although paying for a membership and individual tournament registrations may seem redundant, the upfront cost of a $35.00 membership for the full season pays for itself, especially for players who are looking to play tournaments regularly. 

What are the benefits to being an XL Empire Adult Member?

  • Membership gives you access to play and host XL Empire adult tournaments
  • Included portion of USA Volleyball Membership can be paired with other adult regional memberships, like NERVA (Yankee Volleyball) and GEVA.  
  • Being a member covers additional components of play and hosting tournaments, including insurance coverage, tournament resources, communications support, and more. 

Where can I find scheduled XL adult tournaments?

  • Advanced Event Systems (AES)
    • Be sure to use the filters below, selecting “Full Day Format” under the “Adult Volleyball” subcategory
    • Excelsior Empire Adults Webpage 
    • Social Media
      • Instagram 
      • Facebook 
    • How do I register a team in AES? 
    • Sign in or create a SportsEngine Account
      • Go to SportsEngine.
      • Click ‘CREATE ACCOUNT’.
      • Add account info and click ‘CONTINUE’.
      • Finish setting up your Sports Engine Account. 
    • Add a team
      • Click ‘Add Team’ in the lower corner.
      • Fill in the team info. Pick either ‘B’ or ‘BB’ for ‘Division Type’, depending on the level of the tournament you are looking to play.  ‘Team Rank’ is rank within your club, so if you only have one team the rank would be ‘1’.  Then click ‘Create Team’.
    • Return to AES
      • Sign into your SportsEngine Account at the top right.
      • Click ‘EVENTS’, then click ‘More Filters’. 
      • Filter until you find the tournament you are interested in registering for, or search directly by tournament name in the search bar.
      • Click the tournament listing.
      • At the bottom, under “Event Registration” click the “Register Teams” button.
      • Follow the instructions to register your sports engine team.
    • Where do I find my Membership Card? 
    • Sign into your SportsEngine account
    • A successful sign in will bring you to the Sports Engine home page.  Click ‘Login’ in the upper right corner.
    • That will bring you to the SPORTSENGINE PLATFORMS page.  Click ‘Login’ in the ‘hq’ panel with the green emblem to the left. 
    • Click ‘Household’ in the toolbar on the left. This should show you an overview of your profile card.  
    • Select ‘VIEW PROFILE’ and click ‘View Details’ at the bottom right. 
    • Click ‘SAVE MEMBERSHIP CARD’ on the right side of the box containing your current XLRVA Adult Membership and it should say ‘Print Card’ in the dropdown.  When you click that it will show a printable version of your membership card, complete with a printer icon in the top toolbar.  
    • Either print your membership card to a PDF, take a screenshot and save to your camera roll, or print to paper. 
Mikala L’Hote

Mikala L’Hote

Adult Chairperson

Chairpersons and Staff

  Mikala has been a player and a coach across various regions throughout her early career. As a native of western Massachusetts, she played varsity volleyball at Miss Hall’s School and was a part of numerous NERVA club teams. She then went on to attend Bard College in the Hudson Valley Region of New York, where she was a starter and captain. Throughout her collegiate career she began to coach a broad age range of club teams with New York Elite, where she fell in love with coaching. Afterwards, Mikala went on to coach at both the high school and collegiate levels, at Kent School a private high school in Connecticut, and at her alma mater Bard College. Throughout this time, she continued to be an avid adult player, regularly participating in both indoor and outdoor leagues and tournaments.  Now, Mikala lives in the Adirondacks and is excited to get more involved with adult volleyball in the region. Moving from an area where opportunities for adults to play were plentiful, she hopes to help revitalize interest in and participation with adult volleyball in the region. She is always open to new ideas, and looks forward to building a community of engaged adult players of all ages, who are excited to interact with the opportunities Excelsior Empire can provide. 



  • 23-24 Excelsior Adult Player Membership – ($10) Allows for participation as a player in all adult USAV/RVA sanctioned events. Junior club players should select the “junior 18s player” membership. Valid through 8/31/24.
  • 23-24 Excelsior One-Event Adult Player – ($10) Allows for participation as an adult player only in an event that extends up to a total of five consecutive days. Individual RVA restrictions may apply. Junior players should select the “junior 18s player” membership.